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— Story —


Every family has a story.

These stories are crafted from the strength of our dreams, the sweat on our brows, and the tears shed in moments of triumph and defeat. Long Family Office is in a unique position to help your family grow an enduring legacy. 


Because it is a journey we have embarked on ourselves. It is a journey full of challenges, hard work, and faith. We want to share our story with you because we want you to join us on our quest - to live and leave a family legacy.

Long Family Office started with a single dream, a single story. It began in 1979, when I (Randy) packed my car up and headed for college. Even though my dad was the only one in our entire family to graduate from college, it was always assumed I would go.  Unfortunately, my parents had no money to send me. I will never forget my dad putting a twenty-dollar bill in my hand and wishing me well as I left for what was then called Liberty Baptist College.  

I was determined to graduate without debt, so I won a half-scholarship in track, worked a myriad of odd jobs, and managed to graduate a free man. I majored in business, with an emphasis on personal finance because I knew I wanted to help families live financially free. I also wanted to start a small business of my own.

Upon graduation in 1982, I chased my future wife out to California, leaving North Carolina with a blue suit, my old lime-colored Duster, and $200 in my pocket. When I arrived in Los Angeles, the country was in the midst of a deep recession and jobs were scarce. I went to interview after interview, but everywhere I went there seemed to be hundreds vying for the same job. 

I finally got a job for $5.85 an hour as a warehouse worker where they stored hospital supplies; however, I knew I could not get married on that income. So I worked in the evenings and weekends to obtain my Series 7 securities license.  Once I had the license, I put on that blue suit and went down to the Newport Beach office of the first Wall Street brokerage firm I could find. I explained to the Branch Manager the work I wanted to do.  After about 15 minutes of talking he stopped me and said, “I was given direction from the New York office two weeks ago to fill a position exactly like you described.”  He then reached across the desk and handed me the piece of paper.  “I guess this is meant for you."

After training in NYC, I began work on my CFP® designation through USC and then moved to the Central Valley to start my own financial practice. The year was 1985.  Soon after, I decided to go to law school to learn more about serving family businesses.  I graduated from San Joaquin College of Law in 1989.  As the work with my clients grew in complexity, I grew in competency and experience.

Since 1991 I have run two separate businesses, which were located side by side: a legal practice that focused on estate planning and business organizations, and a wealth management firm that focused on building and preserving family legacies. But in 2007, my father had failing health so I packed up my family and headed home to be with him before he died.  

In 2011, we opened a Wilmington office so I could run a business with my kids, Ellen and Micah, teaching them business consulting, family office management, and what we call Braveheart Planning - the premier planning process we created through our sister company, Long Business Advisors. 

We know firsthand the challenges faced by families because we are one. We also realize the opportunity families have to live and leave a legacy. Which is why our family has dedicated our professional lives to helping families "live their legacy"...

….and we hope that you will invite us to guide your family through this challenging, yet extremely rewarding, journey toward living your legacy.


From our Family to Yours,

Randy M. Long