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—  Invest Your family Legacy—

Reduce    Complexity    

- You and your family are likely to have complex asset structures, multiple bank accounts, and numerous service providers.  Our goal is to simplify the complex by helping you keep track of, and coordinate among the various professionals. 


        Invest         wisely

- Your individual investment strategy is a consolidated plan with benchmarks carefully designed to align with your family’s vision & values. Although this process may take time, it will help you and Long Family Office stay the course, even in turbulent times. The strategies implemented to build wealth are different from those used to preserve it, which is why Long Family Office works with families on a case-by-case basis to create customized investment plans.  Ultimately, we believe broad diversification is the key to wealth longevity.  



        Risk          Analysis 

 - You need to be aware of the major risks that threaten your family and your way of life. It is not about buying products but having an overall perspective on the cracks in your family’s armor. Do you have proper asset protection? Do you have a risk management plan in place? Are you diversifying your risks in a way that is best for your family?