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—  Live your family legacy—

 Family Meetings 

- Getting every family member on the same page is an integral part of living a family legacy. A family meeting gives members an opportunity to voice their ideas and concerns, as well as share exciting news. It also helps to align members on strategic discussions, making them feel like an essential part of the decision-making process. Long Family Office helps you with the initial set-up of family meetings, as well as ongoing strategies for family buy-in and involvement.

 Family Mediation 

- Family first! Long Family Office’s main objective when assisting and supporting parents in a mediation process is to strengthen family relations.  Our office will look for the best solution for all parties, to strengthen current relationships, and provide a solid communicative framework for the years to come.  

Family Learning 

- Children naturally rely heavily on their parents for decision-making while they are growing up. While this is satisfactory for a time, it is important for them to learn life skills and their role in the family before they reach the age of independence. Children must be properly prepared to take over responsibilities, whether in the family or the business, if your legacy is to continue for generations. Long Family Office aids you in this endeavor with education planning assistance and round table discussions, helping motivate successors to increase their involvement in family and business affairs.