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—  Plan Your Family Legacy—


- Transferring wealth in a way that is beneficial to the next generation is key to a surviving family legacy. How do you decide on what is a "fair" inheritance? What is the most tax efficient structures for trust planning? Our goal is to help define and fulfill your desires for your family. We work with lawyers and accountants to create a strategy that fits not just your needs, but your goals for the future generations of you. 



- The statistics don't lie: Most family wealth is created through equity ownership. But depending on which generation you happen to be, you'll need different planning based on the way you think. If you are a founder/creator, your wealth is often tied up in the business, so we help you with an effective transfer to your children, and help think strategically about how to effectively maintain lifestyle. If you are a second generation owner, the growth is most likely taking off. If so, we help shield growth from the IRS's "take", and help navigate through exciting but risky new times. If you are a third generation, you may be considering selling the business, and need help navigating the sale, and loss of business cash flow. Our role is to help you, no matter your generation, successfully navigate each stage of the business cycle, so you can enjoy a legacy that endures for generations.  


- Giving back is an essential pillar for many of our clients. Whether that involves charitable strategies, board seats, or volunteering, we provide assistance in your charitable aspirations. That may include help vetting nonprofits, providing guidance for a particular donation strategy, or creating your own charitable family organization or grant-making foundation.